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RAMON Automatic Cut-in-length Control System

basic information

Functional Advantages

Non-contact, online control in real time with high precision.  
Improve cut-in-length rate, yield rate and reduce rejection rate.

Technical Index

Item   /Type

Infrared camera type

Laser type

Detection precision (mm)



Control precision (mm)



Response time (ms)



Cut-in-length range (per site requirement)   




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Annual Benefit Analysis 

In order to avoid cast product length shortage, normally the actual cut-length is longer than the required cut-length while the extra length part needs to be cut off in rolling mill which caused the waste. According to the application effect analysis of one domestic user, the cut-in-length specification is 6m, and the cutting precision has been increased by 20mm, the average yield rate has been increased by 0.33%.     
The yield rate is increased. The defective rate caused by imprecise cut-in-length is about 0.1%. Therefore, the high precision cut-in-length control system can increase the yield rate by 0.1%.

RAMON Laser Length Measurement System

Product Description

The system is adopted with couple of high sensitive ranging sensors to process synchronous measuring, which online detects the cast product length after cutting in real time and feedback to the cutting operator or cut-in-length control system for cut-length correction. It is benefit for reducing the rejection rate and wastage and improving the yield rate in rolling mill. 

Technical Index

Length measuring precision (mm)


System response time (ms)

< 20

System applicable range

Slab, billet/bloom, round billet/bloom 

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